I work as a teacher & holistic therapist who is trained in reiki, reflexology, Zonefacelift™ and other healing arts.

I am currently offering virtual self-care healing sessions, which are tailored intuitively or at your request to include reiki, facial reflexology, Zonefacelift™ or other healing modalities to make it a uniquely personal experience suited to your individual needs. All my treatments aim to restore and promote a profound state of well-being, cultivating emotional & physical balance.

My practice has built up from working at Neal’s Yard, Therapy Rooms in Covent Garden, privately and also online. For more information see my ‘About Me’ page.

Please contact me for more details.

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“There is a presence which is more profound than any thought. It announces itself here, in the heart. It is ever-present, stable and pure. When the attention rests inside, automatically the mental noise subsides and Presence alone prevails.”

~ Mooji