Exposing Ego

Exposng the EgoThere can often be a tendency among people and especially those on a conscious path to awakening to deny minor irritations and annoyances. Knowing it isn’t aligned with the higher self we seek to be aligned with, we can fall into the virtue trap of denying any trace of a disturbance of the mind. Or maybe, applying the law of attraction style of reasoning, we figure that if we look at it, we’ll fuel it. Whilst there is undeniably truth to that, I still feel we’re missing out a major step in the process of being able to stand In our true power. Exposing a grievance is not the same as believing it.

There are a myriad of paths or belief systems which might cause us to deny egoic thoughts and feelings without fully exposing them. Regardless of what belief system we subscribe to, we all generally abide by a moral code which might cause us to be inclined to disown annoyances, irritations and such like.

The danger of denying egoic thoughts and trying to be spiritually virtuous in this way is that not only do we compromise our authenticity we also risk simply equipping ego with an invisibility cloak and allowing these grievances to lurk in the shadows and have an unacknowledged power over us. As a result, we can remain victim to the same thought patterns, feelings and emotions. Whilst various modalities can do wonders in helping to release emotions held in the body, fully acknowledging and exposing these triggers is intrinsic to the deeper healing process.

Instead of pushing these grievances back down as sacrilegious, right there in that singular moment is when we need to get authentic. We’re here in human form and are subject to human reactions, whether we consciously choose to have them or not. In the moment that the grievance surfaces, before turning our attention away, lies the opportunity to fully expose it by shining the light of awareness on it and allow it simply to be, without judging it.

This is an entirely different process of release, as opposed to the one of playing the role of the victim, or the one wronged and becoming stuck in the narrative by reliving or re-telling our experiences in hope of having our grievance justified and in turn re-enforced. Only, after fully acknowledging the grievance and exposing the ego, can it be fully released.

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