Facial Reflexology works in the same way as traditional reflexology to stimulate reflex points on the face in order to promote well-being and bring the body’s energy back into balance. The reflex points on the face provide a particularly powerful tool with which to connect to the body’s neuro-pathways due to their close proximity to the brain.

The Bergman method of Facial Reflexology is built on a combination of Native American techniques and traditional Eastern and Western approaches to Reflexology and works on the same principles as Reflexology of the feet. It maps out different zones of the face which correspond with the main organs of the body. The added benefit of Facial Reflexology is its rejuvenating effect which is achieved through increasing circulation and releasing muscular tension. It assists with lymphatic drainingsmoothes lines and improves muscle tone encouraging a naturally radiant complexion.

I use Neil’s Yard Rejuvenating Rejuvenating Frankincense or Rehydrating Rose facial oils, during my Facial Reflexology treatments making it a wonderfully indulgent experience.  neals-yard-resized