Browse Products & Shop –  I use products from the Neal’s Yard Organics Range in my Facial Reflexology treatments. If you would like to browse or purchase any of their products you can do so here.

There is absolutely no extra cost if you place the order through me as opposed to buying in store or ordering online directly. If you prefer me to place the order for you and avoid the delivery fee, simply use my enquiry form or call me and I will endeavour to have them ready for you, at our next appointment. Some of the products, I will already have in stock and therefore you may take immediately.

Here are a list of the products you can select from in my Facial Reflexology Treatments. ffo-fbtile

Organic ingredients – I promote and use products from NYR Organics in my treatments with absolute confidence that they use natural plant based materials and maximum organic, natural and wild ingredients. Many brands on the market make many unrealistic claims and as a consumer of their products I value their transparency. You can read more about the ingredients that go into the products here in their ingredient statement.