The beautiful thing about these sessions is that they can be tailored to include different modalities according to your individual needs, which will be determined after my consultation with you. Virtual self-healing sessions can be adapted to include, Reiki & Energy Healing, guided meditations, mentoring and  Facial Reflexology & Zonefacelift™. I may also use other healing tools as I feel guided. This means the sessions are equally suited to clients whose primary concern is health and well-being, as much as it would be for others who might be looking for healing or mentoring session.

Why Choose Virtual Self-care Healing Sessions?

Virtual sessions provide you with the opportunity to access a rebalancing, healing treatment from the comfort of your own home. They are also particularly useful during lockdown for those clients who are in at risk groups, self isolating, immunosuppressed or have transport issues.

What do Virtual Self-care Healing Sessions Involve?

You will be sent a link to join a video call. Before the video call you will be assessed using a range of questions designed to understand your reasons for treatment. From your assessment I can usually get a good idea of what the problem is and formulate a treatment plan to address your problems.

Once we have agreed a treatment plan, I will begin the practical element of the session.

If the treatment includes reiki, we will work through the chakra points as we would in a face to face session to address any block and rebalance your auric field. Since reiki works by channeling the universal life force and is an energetic exchange, physical distance does not limit its effectiveness in anyway.

If the session involves facial reflexology or Zone Face Lift™, you’ll follow my techniques and mirror these on your own face, I will be able to see you and can check your pressure and technique every step of the way as I guide you through a short Facial Reflexology sequence.

All treatments end with a calming meditation with the intention of helping you release any stress or worries.

What is Zone Face Lift™?

The Zonefacelift treatment combines modern facelift and pressurepoint massage techniques with traditional reflexology techniques to stimulate collagen naturally and rejuvenate the face.

What is Facial Reflexology effective at helping with?

  • Ease Stress & Anxiety
  • Lift the Mood
  • Oxygenate Facial Muscles
  • Smooth away tension
  • Improve Headaches
  • Bruxism and teeth grinding

When the body is not in a state of stress, we are no longer operating from our sympathetic nervous system, also known as fight or flight, and as a result all our body systems are able to better function. This impacts directly on our wellbeing and as a result can improve the symptoms of a wide range of health conditions. If you would like to discuss the possibility of a virtual self-healing session with me, please use the enquiry form and I will call you back as I can.