I have always been interested in healing modalities and became motivated to work as a practitioner in order to assist people on the path to increased well-being by working energetically to release the emotional and physical blocks which can result in illness. Having been initiated in reiki in 1997 and working with energy healing for some years, I later trained in Reflexology at the prestigious ‘London School of Reflexology,’ with Louise Keet, renowned reflexologist and author of, ‘The Reflexology Bible,’ before going on to further my practice by training in Facial Reflexology and Zone Face Lift with Ziggie Bergman. Having also trained in Holistic Massage (ITEC), I combined my therapies at the graduate clinic at Neal’s Yard Organics in Covent Garden for over 2 years whilst establishing my own private practice and clientele.

The relationship between body and mind as well as our ability to be aligned with our highest potential has always fascinated me. Through my own direct experience and research over the years I have come to understand that we have powerful influence over our health and well-being, whether consciously or subconsciously.  Over time, I came to understand how our thinking patterns have a direct effect on our physical well being and experiences. If everything holds an energetic frequency, including our thoughts, it makes sense therefore that by stilling the mind, we can change this frequency which in turn has an impact on our health.

What is the role of the holistic therapies I offer in this healing process?  Quite simply, my therapies help you to enter that deep state of relaxation & stillness in which the body is supported the body in its inherent ability to heal and regenerate.

Research has shown that silencing thoughts in meditation has a hugely positive impact on health. However, most of us in today’s society lead busy lives with hectic schedules and it can be difficult to find not only the time and inclination, but also the self-discipline to incorporate meditation into our daily lives. The key focus in all my treatments is on bringing your body into this deep state of relaxation and stillness, thereby quietening the mind and inducing this meditative state where the body is able to release tension and rebalance itself.

My aim is to create a deeply relaxing space for you to relax during treatments and forget the day to day pressures of life.

“Humanity is awakening to the fact that sickness, in a large percentage of cases, is an error – of body and mind.” ( Dr William H. Fitzgerald, 1917 (Founder of Zone Therapy, on which western Reflexology is based)

Professional Indemnity Insurance and Professional Bodies

I am a member of The Association of Reflexologists and of The Complementary Therapists Association, and have full professional indemnity insurance for everything I practice.